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Associazione Culturale Trivu (Arts+Humanities) is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Tx.

Our mission is to promote cultural exchange and celebrate cultural diversity. In a world that looks every day smaller and more divided, we act to highlight our shared humanity and planet.
Following the goals of our mission, we are working in a project called WATER.

The project consists of the screening of a compilation of video-art works for a total length of 1 hour. The subject of the videos is WATER and each piece has a maximum duration of 8 minutes. The compilation will be screened in different parts of the world simultaneously on March 22nd 2020, International Water Day.

All venues are public and free

Tadafouk water projects trivu.org


by Imad Mansour


Born in Baghdad, he studied plastic arts and cinema at the Beaux Arts in Baghdad, Scenography at the Jacques Lecoq International School in Paris. Impregnated by Mesopotamian art, Imad Mansour reinvents through paintings, sculptures, installations and videos, a language carrying a heritage whose echo vibrates in the present.

His work oscillates between an aesthetic from elsewhere and a critical commitment with whistleblowing accents. He directs his creations towards the dynamic search for space, rhythm. All his works are in movement, characters or matter. Diverse in its form, multiple in its expression, varied in its materiality, his work explores the mechanisms of vision and the place of the spectator. It sows confusion over the opposition between inside and outside, between reality and reproduction, between communication and silence. His creations shake up the public in his vision of the other, in his vision as a spectator.

Imad Mansour’s work is part of the conceptual art movement, his sculptures, installations and videos are crossed views between a past always present in and through matter and a timeless future. United in its genesis, plural in its forms, the work of Imad Mansour merges in a perpetual movement in search of its origins, those of the world and those of oneself.

 WaterWalk by Luis R Gutierrez water projects trivu.org


by Magdalena Fernandez


Series Mobile Drawings and paintings.
This group of videos was born as a review of modern painting, which interrogates on the ductility and potential transformations of geometric forms, their ability to reveal the world and life. The essential temporality of the video (moving image) allows to make visible the alterations and modifications that are encrypted in the geometric forms and make them reverberate, bringing them closer to the universe of the organic.

These videos are made by projecting these geometric forms in water, by stirring the water a continuum of organic transformations is recorded, thanks to the movement generated on the liquid surface. Somehow, the rigidity and formality of the geometric is dispersed, it dissolves by inscribing them in the malleable nature of water and emphasizing the interaction of these purely rational elements with their surroundings.

These videos can be projected or can be located on screen.

G 4727 (DROPS) water projects trivu.org

G 4727 (DROPS)

By Mery Godigna Collet

Co-Produced by Godigna+Gutierrez+Bolcker

  • Series Gotas (Drops) 2019-2020.
  • Video: Mery Godigna Collet.
  • Edición: Mery Godigna Collet + Malcolm Cordova.
  • Sonido: Mery Godigna Collet + Malcolm Cordova.

Warming climate accelerates glaciers melting, through melting across the surface of the glacier, but also through underwater melting. The glacial melt water entering warmer ocean waters is slowing ocean currents.

“Drops” was filmed with a thermal imaging camera to reflect how water with different density (temperature) mix and dissolves into each other. There are 27 (33) bell rings, completely dissonant with the poetry of the image, hoping to create awareness and urgency about climate change…. And the dream of reversing the process.

Godigna Collet explores the coexistence between humans and environment through social and political issues. Her art work is supported by the versatile use of diverse materials, applied in installations, paintings, sculptures, photography and video, challenging the viewer through the use of new techniques and unconventional materials in the making of her art.

 Water is immanent water projects trivu.org

Le ciel rencontre la mer

by Paolo Volta


The project is dedicated to mother Desdemona (diminutive Desde).
The title of the short movie is in French, the sky (le Ciel) is masculine, the sea (la Mer) is feminine and is confused phonetically with mother (la Mère). The meeting takes place through the cloud, the water, all the drops of water, which generate life and finally plunge into the sea, almost as if wanting to return the gift received.

The clip simulates life which is like the endless motion of the waves: continuous and infinite 'giving' and 'having' and, like waves, has a sound that repeats the music of the sea. There is no need to create another soundtrack, just record the water rinsing live, in Volano for example, walking on the beach at the end of summer.

On the contrary, the visual representation is pure fiction that is composed in a very primitive way, in the space of a sheet, entrusted to the essentiality and the very simple movement of lines and signs.
Everything, like the life that flows, is basically very simple and leaves only small signs that are lost, like water in water, sign in sign.

 METAMIMESIS water projects trivu.org

FORGETTEN (or the history of forgetting)

by Karim Borjas


This video depicts humans inside a heap of threatening debris and garbage, and the way in which nature symbolically takes its place, haunting music accentuates the disturbing character of the images. which merge with each other in a sea of rubbish.

It refers to man, and his relationship with his environment ...

Human stories that water to take away forever…

Naigüata or the history of forgetting, offers a kind of visual archeology of the silent history of a real fact. It is the memorial testimony of a catastrophe, in which have disappeared, all the places of a large part of my childhood memories, which, which I try to maintain in my memory by preserving and emphasizing through images, the often forgotten relationship between the raw forces of nature and man.

It is a kind of travel diary, a diary, a disjointed story that is slowly constructed on the imprints of the imagination, and that is described, like an invitation to remember, a door that opens onto an image that indirectly reminds us of a collective and individual experience, or the story of a shared history, intertwined with familiar objects, various materials, and debris that have become dreamlike. These elements give birth to this work, on which the emotional charge is imprinted, borrowed from a particular feeling, that of returning to a necessary reminiscence, because it is not totally anchored in our past, it is contemporary with our emotions. and reminds us of this indelible trace.

water water projects trivu.org


by Pirko Julia Schröder

" Füße// Piedi", Pirko Julia Schröder, 2020, 1:50 min.
Pirko Julia Schröder's video "Feet // piedi" shows the silent, sensual pleasure of standing with your bare feet in nature in a flowing stream. The impression of nature is enhanced by the projection and the sound. The rushing of the water, the glitter and sparkle, the flowing movement, the impression of sunspots and moss become a fulfilling impression of being completely in the moment.

water water projects trivu.org

Akvo DANCI (water DANCE)

By Luis R Gutierrez


Video Luis R Gutierrez

Sound Luis R Gutierrez

Edition Mery Godigna Collet

Gutierrez uses the language of Esperanto in titling his video to emphasize our global universality. We all share not just the Celestial and Terrestrial abundance of Water but also the Black and White reality, the Turbulent issue Water is for all the occupants in our fleeting Dance on our shared fragile world.

la akvo danci
birth and being life and death
existential move

trivu water projects


Mexic-Arte Museum

Congress Ave, Austin TX 78701|USA
March 22nd 2020, 12.30 to 4.00 pm
Presented by Mexic -Arte Museum

Museo MAGI’900

Via Rusticana A/1 – 40066 Pieve di Cento – Bologna | Italy
March 22nd, 11.30 am to 6.00 pm
Presented by Museo Magi’900

Muzey Mody

Ulitsa Il’inka 4, Moscow 109012 | Russia
March 22nd to 30th 2020
Presented by Foundation of Contemporary Art

Galleria del Carbone | Piazza del Carbone

Via del Carbone 18, Ferrara 44121 | Italy
March 22nd 2020 Day at the Gallery, evening at the Piazza.
Presented by Accademia di Arte Citta Ferrara

Castello Estense della Mesola

March 22nd 2020 6.00 pm Sala Civica
Piazza Umberto I, Mesola 44026 | Italy
Presented by Comune di Mesola in collaboration with Proloco di Mesola

Kreis Galerie at the Germanisches National Museum

Kartausergasse 14, Nuremberg 90402 | Germany
March 12th to April 11th 2020
Wed 4.00 to 8.00 pm, Thursday and Friday 2.00 to 6.00 pm, Saturday 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Presented by Kreis Galerie

TransArt Foundation

1412 W Alabama St. Houston TX 77006 | USA
April 1st 2020 at 6.00 pm
Presented by TransArt Foundation


TBD due to Covid-19 virus
Presented by Marfa Open Foundation

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