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Associazione Culturale Trivu (Arts+Humanities) is a nonprofit organization based is Ferrara, Italy.

Our mission is to promote cultural exchange and celebrate cultural diversity. In a world that looks every day smaller and more divided, we act to highlight our shared humanity and planet.
Following the goals of our mission, we are working in a project called WATER.

The project consists of the screening of a compilation of video-art works for a total length of 1 hour. The subject of the videos is WATER and each piece has a maximum duration of 8 minutes. The compilation will be screened in different parts of the world simultaneously on March 22nd 2018, International Water Day.

All venues are public and free

Pioggia di San Lorenzo water projects trivu.org

Pioggia di San Lorenzo

by Marco Pellizzola


The Night of St Lawrence, the night of the falling stars, is here represented inside a basin, as if the whole sky had fallen. Now it is the rain that falls on the starry sky, and redraws it, slowly creating perfect concentric circles in the water. Heavenly perfection is reflected on the earth, in a game of rain and tears.

 WaterWalk by Luis R Gutierrez water projects trivu.org

Respiro (Breath)

by Paul Bright


Air contains varying amounts of water vapor, up to about 4% at higher temperatures. We see water suspended in air on hot, humid days, flattening our view and manifesting palpably as humidity. When atmospheric water condenses we experience it as fog or cloud, before it precipitates eventually back into rivers, lakes, oceans. There is oxygen suspended in water, but we cannot breathe it, while fish brought out of water “drown” in the surfeit of oxygen around them. The speed of sound is more than four times faster in water than air, but both mediums transmit pressure changes as waves; compressions and rarefactions, crests and troughs. Waves also emanate from the rhythmic process of inhalation and exhalation. Lungs fill, chests rise and fall, diaphragms move in and out, like the surf gathering itself, cresting, and releasing in sibilance on the beach; respiration.

 Water is immanent water projects trivu.org


by Flavia Franceschini


Water is immanent, it is in every form of life.
It is in the water, in the amniotic fluid, that we begin to exist.
Like a river, life flows without return, to the sea.
“Immanere” [from the latin immanēre, to remain, to linger], which seems to contain the word mare, or sea, as antithesis of to transcend: water and life are immanent, the essence of the one is inherent in the other.

In the eternal return of the waves, I imagined the reappearance, the reappearance as visions, of moments of lived life. These are fragments of footage shot by my father in super8 films, moments of family travels to seaside locations, from 1956 to 1973. That is, from my early childhood to adolescence. I tracked them down and revisited them, after many decades of oblivion, in order to compose this video, overcoming the impasse of many technological transformations; and it was exciting.

 METAMIMESIS water projects trivu.org

Metamimesis: The Calamity of Plato’s Looking Glass

by Terri Thomas


This video installation titled “Metamimesis: The Calamity of Plato’s Looking Glass” was loosely inspired by Pirholt’s book, Metamimesis: Imitation in Goethe’s ‘Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre’. Accordingly, Thomas thinks of the video component much like an underwater puppet show, focusing on duomodality whereby the “omnipotent” artist plays both narrator and actor. This is contrasted by the artist’s aestheticized narrative that fluctuates between an intra and extra-diegetic gaze. Peculiarities are created through highlighting the low-tech and campy esthetic that creates a break from the mimetic and social expectations.

water water projects trivu.org


by Marisela La Grave


Co-Produced by Magnetic Laboratorium + WEFTA (Water Engineers For The Americas) + The Railyards Santa Fe NM

A 27 second media art installation video for public and online space featuring a designated loop of key words-realities that are dependent on water.

 WaterWalk by Luis R Gutierrez water projects trivu.org


by Luis R Gutierrez

thoughts of its universal presence
it’s vital, indispensable
necessity for life
its preeminent role
as a vehicle
for human expansion
for trade
for pleasure
it’s helpless and tragic vulnerability
to misuse
pollution and contamination
disdainful political manipulation

 (No Particular Shape) by Mery Godigna Collet. water projects trivu.org

NPS 4577 No Particular Shape

by Mery Godigna Collet.

Coproduced by Blocker + Guntz


In the works from the series “No Particular Shape” (2015-2018), the artist considers that our society is defined by technology and migration. For her, both, technology and migration, find their way like water.

She uses images of water in a river, clouds, and boiling water and the sounds of static imitating the sounds of water to tell a story full of symbolism, from Global Warming passing through the Ark of Noah and European colonization processes towards the feared ending… Access Denied.

 (No Particular Shape) Stationary Movement Stationary Movement water projects trivu.org

Stationary Movement

by Judson + Morrissey


Evidence of the overlooked observed, a record of time and place, evidence of life lived. My work deals with the personal notation of time in his everyday life. I work from a conceptual perspective; my interest is in the commonality and history of objects, not materials.

 Integrity is absolute  water projects trivu.org

L'acqua di cappo di rio piccolo

by Paolo Volta


Integrity is absolute; is it only after destruction that it is possible to find redemption, or rebirth?

The video is made up of images and video clips, as well as very short quotes; it is like waters’ ideal route, from the sources to the sea.

The sounds are a product of the author's a computer re-elaborations, except from the musical piece by Animuccia called Missa Victimae by Paschali Laudes, released in Rome in 1567, which underlines the final part of the video. This music used to be performed on Easter Sunday.

>Water. Elusive absences water projects trivu.org

Water. Elusive absences

by Gianni Cestari


Partecipating in the silent mutability of water and escaping its monotony leads to occasions that could be otherwise lost.

Its leavening and gravity movement generates energy. It is repetitive, like the rhythm of funky music, like the beats of the heart, balance of energies like life.

Origenes water projects trivu.org


by Franklin Mendoza

Where am I? Where is the exit? I open my eyes. Slowly, the air returns expanding my lungs. … “Origins" is a video art project that explores being under water while moving through a great piece of silk. In this video, I look into the sensations of a birth such as not being able to breathe, not been able to see clearly and living in a weightless environment.

Running Source water projects trivu.org

Running Source

by IDK, ltd.

Water is…

In contemplation of these two words, in combination with expanding consciousness, in consideration of anything that could follow and complete them as a full statement; this has been the guide to our creative energy in development of this project.

"Running Source" (alternatively RNNG_SRC) is the fulfillment of many parts presented through time as one concentric unit. With these elements we have found an expression and a framework for bringing through the vital flow of atmospheric information to create neural pathways on an unconscious register.

This film is a representation of the individual's process of transformation and an entirely consummate ritual documented unto itself. The incorporated mediums of sound, light, and water and their use as symbols and instruments for alchemical workings of the human soul as put forth by many esoteric lineages. Intentionally vague as to allow for the personal interpretation of the viewer, giving way to questions and impressions that surface in the same voiceless ocean of being from which we have sourced our inspiration.

"What is Water?" we ask.

The girl and the sea water projects trivu.org

The girl and the sea

by Oleh Hei

The sea and' image of the totality, of the energies entirely cosmos.

This energy winds you, and' endless. The waves are the children of the sea. All the waves are different: calms and tempestuous, court and long. The Sea allows her to go, it attracts her to if again.The woman, the wave and the sea are the female beginning.

The sea from the life, there from liberty and strength to live. The wave is the strength of the attraction of the universe. The woman intervenes in this system and washes his/her hands and his/her feet in the sea.The sea makes up for to the whole dirt of the humanity. The waves are the sieve of cosmos. Do they wash everything away, not asking: you have the clean or dirty hands?

The woman is image of the Earth.

trivu water projects


WAREHOUSE 1-10, Magdalena New Mexico, USA.

Presented by Warehouse Creative Arts

March 24th at 1.00 pm. Sequential. In the frame of a workshop and panel discussion about water conservation. Info about program in warehouse110.com


7.30 pm. Sequential

CHRISTINA GEIS Art Gallery, Georgian Court University, Lakewood NJ, USA

7.30 pm. Sequential

MIAMI RIVER, Miami Florida, USA,

Presented by Contemporary Art Foundation and Nina Torres Fine Art.
In the frame of River Walk Guided Tour around exhibition dedicated to WATER

7.00 pm. Sequential

A/PERTURE CINEMA, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

7.30 pm. Sequential

SUNMALL Museum of Art, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

7.00 pm. Individual in loop, in the frame of an exhibition dedicated to WATER

MUSEO MAGI 900, Pieve di Cento, Bologna Italy.

7.00 pm. Sequential. In loop during the weekend March 23rd, 24th, 25th 2018

GALLERIA DEL CARBONE, Ferrara, Ferrara Italy.

Presentd by Accademia d’Arte Citta Ferrara.

5.00pm and 7.00 pm. Sequential

GALLERIA DEL CARBONE, Ferrara, Ferrara Italy.

Presentd by Accademia d’Arte Citta Ferrara.

5.00pm and 7.00 pm. Sequential

SALA ERACLE. Porto Viro, Rovigo, Italy

Presented by Biblioteca Comunale di Porto Viro (Rovigo) and Associazione “CA’ CORNERA dove il Po si fa cultura”

10.00 am, Sequential.


Presented by Associazione Magnacharta

9.00 pm. Sequential.

PALAZZO DI BELRIGUARDO, Voghiera, Ferrara Italy.

Presented by Museo Archeologico di Voghiera.

7.00 pm. Sequential and Sunday 25th. 7.00pm. Sequential.


Presented by Associazione Bondeno Cultura e Gruppo Archeologico di Bondeno

5.00 pm. Sequential.

PUBLIC EVENT Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Presented by Marfa Open

One Sala (outdoor pavilion) at One Nimman, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
7.00 pm Sequential Followed by performance of Running Source by IDK ltd 8.30 pm at the U Nimman Hotel swimming pool.


7.00 pm. Sequential.

ODESSA CINEMASTUDIO (Odessa Section of the National Union of Ukrainian Film Makers). Odessa, Ukraine.

7.00 pm. Sequential.

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