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Upcoming Projects

Contemporary Latin American Art

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Exhibition at Carbone Gallery
June 2018
In Collaboration with Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery from Miami Florida.

Past Projects

Water Project

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March 22nd, 2018
International Event

MICHAEL MIDEKE, Composizione musicale “Serbatoio Kohl Hass” (“Kohl Hass Tank”)

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In collaborarion with:
WareHouse 1-10
New Mexico, USA

Mostra ONOMATOPEA by Mery Godigna Collet

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August - October 2017
Museo Civico di Belriguardo
Voghiera, FE, Italia

Dreams of Those By Mery Godigna Collet

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Mary Godigna Collet
Temporary Installation at Belriguardo Castle
In the frame of the Ferrara Internazzionale Festival
October - November 2017