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Mostra ONOMATOPEA di Mery Godigna Collet

Since the beginning of her career Godigna Collet explores the coexistence between humans and environment through social and political issues. Her artwork is supported by the versatile use of diverse materials, applied in installations, painting, sculpture, photography and video, challenging the viewer through the use of new techniques and unconventional materials in the making of her art. As a conceptual artist, her own approach to the materials and techniques used in the artwork is that concepts translate through matter.

Oscillating between the obscure and the functional, Godigna Collet, in this body of work, “ONOMATOPOEIA”, manipulates gasmasks within the context of assemblage, in order to question societal and personal understandings of power, ambition, pollution, and destruction.

The sinister use of gasmasks attempts to synthesize the intricacy and complexity of social and political issues that affect our times through camouflage and appropriation of one single artifact: the gas mask.

Onomatopoeia is defined as a word created by the imitation or recreation of a natural sound made by or associated with its’ referent. The artist, by recreating an object, translates the object itself in an action: the action of defending ourselves.

The video “SILENCE”, will be presented at Building 98 on August 24th. ”SILENCE” is part of these new works. It has been presented in Venice during the Venice Biennale and also in the Archeological Museum of Belriguardo in Ferrara Italy.